Do you remember how Lermontov was inspired by the landscape of the confluence of rivers Aragvi and Kura when he wrote his poem Mtsyri? It is time to see this view and the ancient Georgian temple of Jvari, where Saint equal-to-the-apostles Nina established one of the three crosses. There was a temple built over the cross in the VI-VII centuries, and it has never been destroyed. There we will tell you about the history of Georgia’s adoption of Christianity.

We will continue our story already in Mtskheta, where two noble temples, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, are located: Svetitskhoveli and Samtavro. Since ancient times, the country and its faith are protected by the powerful walls of these churches. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral stores many stories, the chiton of Jesus Christ, a piece of the Holy Cross and the holy relics.

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