Remember a scene in the movie «Il Bisbetico Domato», when Celentano trampled the grapes? We are sure that you always wanted to try it too. Every September in Georgia there is an ancient harvest festival-Rtveli, where you can fulfill an old dream. It is not always possible to walk with bare feet, but if you really want to, we will definitely give you this opportunity.

Georgia is considered the birthplace of the grapevine, which is sung in songs, is depicted in pictures, even the first Georgian Orthodox cross was made of grapevines. There is literally a cult of wine in the country. Not only guests from all over the world come to collect grapes, but also Georgians themselves. The traditions of Rtveli come from the ancient times, when the ancestors asked for mercy from gods of fertility: Beri-ber and Harale.

Come and harvest the grapes all by yourself! In Georgia, you can try it. Heavy, ripe bunches of grapesare cut with a knife or scissors and put in wooden boxes – very carefully, because the juicy berries may be crushed. This is an exciting activity and an old tradition – usually grapes are collected by the whole family. After work the owner will invite you to the house. You will enjoy the Georgian feast on the veranda, from which you can see a wonderful view of the valley and the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Try the best dishes of Kakhetian cuisine with Tiflis-Connection: fresh vegetables, crispy lavash, fried meat, a lot of wine, chacha and, of course, traditional Georgian toasts.

Harvesting lasts from September 3 till September 20.

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